Kamala Says Joe Biden Wants to Reduce POPULATION Instead of Pollution

Michael F. Hiatt / shutterstock.com
Michael F. Hiatt / shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris has delivered another word salad of incompetence, which is something that happens often when she’s trying to speak. While describing some global warming BS that Joe Biden is spending your tax dollars on, she said that Biden’s objective is to “reduce population.”

That’s not very reassuring. The White House insists that she meant to say, “reduce pollution,” but it’s probably safer to assume that she meant what she said.

Harris’s exact quote was, “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water.”

In the official transcript from the White House, they crossed out the word “population” and replaced it with [pollution] in brackets. Twitter users immediately started savaging her, which she totally deserved.

“I see Kamala Harris subscribes to the Thanos approach to dealing with scarce resources,” observed one user. “She said the quiet part out loud,” said another.

Harris was mocked and ridiculed earlier this week when she tried to explain what artificial intelligence is. During that enlightening talk, she said, “AI is kind of a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters. It means ‘Artificial Intelligence’.”

Kind of a fancy thing? Who talks like that? And who needs artificial intelligence when you’ve got natural stupidity like that?

Harris’s speech problems usually include either childish or patronizing truisms (AI is TWO letters, guys!), or a hot mess that you couldn’t decipher by diagramming her sentences. We all lose brain cells whenever she tries to speak.

Amazingly, Joe Biden still has her on the ticket as his running mate in 2024. This is despite the fact that Kamala has lower approval ratings than Joe Biden. More than 51% of registered voters disapprove of Kamala Harris in polling.