Jim Jordan Readies the Impeachment Timetable

Nokuro / shutterstock.com
Nokuro / shutterstock.com

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is finally pushing forward with articles of impeachment against President Biden. According to a press briefing on December 4th, Jordan plans on bringing the articles as soon as the first few weeks of 2024. With former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy launching an investigation for Impeachment back in September, the House will finally have a full vote on it as early as mid-December.

Speaking to reporters, Jordan said, “We want to talk to those last several witnesses, and we want to make that happen as quickly as possible. We think we can do that relatively quickly. We hope to get a couple done here in December, and then a couple more in January and make a decision as a body if we move forward with actual articles.” He also called out James Biden, Tony Bobulinski, Rob Walker, Eric Schwerin, and Kevin Morris as potential witnesses in the near future.

Simply, they want to hone in on people who worked with Hunter and build charges from there.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden back in November. So far, only Hunter is slated to testify on December 13th. Former business associates Walker and Bobulinski have been requested for interviews, with Walker pending a subpoena. Thus far, nothing has been done to enforce the order despite a massive outcry from conservatives to fix the issues at hand and stop the Biden family sale or rental of Presidential influence.

Thankfully, Jordan expects a fight over this. “We assume at some point there’s going to be some challenge in court, we just think it helps you in court. You don’t need it from the Constitution, you can start an impeachment inquiry based on — we’re doing it, speaker of the House said it three months ago, but we think it always helps if the full House of Representatives is on record, and a majority of that body has said, ‘we are in an official impeachment inquiry.’”

Advancing this inquiry on Biden has been the discovery of over $24 million brought in by Biden and his family/associates in a five-year time frame.  These funds originated from overseas sources, and they all benefitted either directly or indirectly from the foundation of that relationship.

Ironically, the center of this investigation is the links between the family and a Ukrainian company named Burisma. An energy company had given Hunter Biden a seat on their board despite his lack of experience in the energy sector. Much less the natural gas sector their company was involved in.

Yet he still received a substantial salary and bonuses. Regularly taken care of by the company, it sheds some light on why President Biden would be so quick to respond to and approve Ukrainian requests following the Russian invasion. Keeping the country of their base of Bidenomics operations safe from Russian aggression seems to have been the name of the game since day one.

For Rep. Jordan, this could be the defining moment in his political career. Given the task at hand, it could be incredibly difficult to get the President to testify while he’s in office. Once he’s out, the damage will have been done, and he will have little to lose, so we as Americans should expect them to stall, delay, and deny until the 2024 election.

Fortunately, if these proceedings are approved and move forward at the start of 2024, we could have (yet again) another election with a President under fire and possibly being impeached as they fight for control of this country. It will also say something about the nation as we would have consecutively had impeached Presidents been put up for the most powerful public office in the nation.

If this impeachment teaches us anything it’s that we need stronger, cleaner, and less corrupt leaders. It needs to be less about beating Biden, and more about returning America to greatness.