Jill Biden Set to Hit the Campaign Trail & Tell Everyone Joe is Fine

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

Even though she dresses like she’s wearing Minecraft camouflage or stolen curtains most of the time, no one loves living in the White House more than Jill Biden. That’s why Jill Biden is totally ready to run for reelection in 2024, even though her “husband” appears to have the IQ of a baked potato right now.

We can’t get an honest assessment of just what a train wreck the Biden 2024 campaign is from the American media right now. Fortunately, the Brits and the Australians have no problem explaining that Joe Biden is currently a mental toddler and that Jill Biden is the one who is really running the show.

Reports from The Guardian in London indicate that Jill Biden now spends most of her days completely controlling the White House on Joe’s behalf. Aren’t we lucky to have Jill Biden in charge? She’s doing such a great job with the economy!

Additional reports say that Jill Biden rages at staffers all the time and leads her brain-damaged husband around all day by the elbow. It’s apparently a lot of work to pretend that you’re the First Lady, even though the 2020 election was stolen, and your husband never won a legitimate presidential election in the first place.

News reports and financial reports also show that the number of White House employees in 2023 has jumped by more than 50 people—and they all work for Jill Biden. Last year, Jill Biden’s staff was only 8 people, but this year it’s 20. You’re paying a lot of money to ensure that Jill Biden has plenty of servants at her beck and call.

Jill Biden says she is READY to hit the campaign trail for 2024 and prove to the world that Joe is fit and ready to serve. If you doubt her, here is Joe’s body double after a speech this week: