Jesse Watters Wanted 2 Fox Hosts Fired After 2020 Elections

Paul Pellegrino /
Paul Pellegrino /

As you know, Fox News is a bit in the dumps right now. Since the firing of Tucker Carlson, a man who brought thousands to the network, their ratings have been down. And I mean way down.

Naturally, their competition is taking all the low shots it can. The latest is against Fox rising star and a man who has been rumored to be Carlson’s eventual replacement, Jesse Watters.

Watters, host of “Jesse Watters Primetime” and co-host of “The Five,” is probably one of the most “comparable” to Carlson to date, or at least that’s what left-wing outlet The Daily Beast is saying.

Of course, they’re trying to swing it as a bad thing, making Watters out to be some sort of a traitor. The only problem is that in doing so, they’re proving that they’re still very much afraid of Fox and US conservatives.

As The Beast recently reported, following the 2020 election, which many Fox followers thought went awry, Watters apparently texted Carlson that he thought not one but two of the network’s hosts should be let go to bring in “fresh blood.” Watters also thought the replacements should be strong Trump supporters.

For biased outlets like The Beast and Media Matters for America, this is supposedly a sign of Watters’ corruption, especially since he suggested fellow hosts Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace should be the ones let go.

But for those bummed out about Tucker’s departure and former Fox fans, it’s just a sign that Watters just might be a better guy than they thought. It’s also a sign that, just like the political left in Washington, these left-leaning media outlets aren’t in touch with everyday Americans, either.