James Woods Makes Family Guy-Esk Endorsement of the Second Amendment

Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com
Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.com

First appearing on the Fox comedy Family Guy back in 2005, many saw James Woods delve into teenage comedy as a far departure from films like Ghosts of Mississippi or Casino. These serious roles earned him two Emmy Awards as well as two nominations for Academy Awards. Yet the comedy of these shows engulfed him, and he ended up being a recurring cast member.

With the local Quahog HS being named James Woods High, he stuck his claim on the Family Guy landscape. Naturally, his antics and comedic timing made him a hit. However, as of 2012, he was all but written off for his off-screen lifestyle. Woods had shown the American people that he was a true conservative, and his devout support and defense of the Second Amendment was too much for the liber Family Guy staff to take.

Now taking a page from their playbook, on June 9th Woods sent out a tweet that is the most Family Guy-esk thing he has ever said, but it is by far the best statement issued on the subject.

“The Second Amendment only makes sense when you need it, and then it makes more sense than anything on earth.”

A statement like this is everything the American people need to read. It is unvarnished, unadulterated, and 100% accurate. Scholars with triple doctorates are incapable of explaining any topic better than Woods explained the Second Amendment.

Much like the fire extinguisher makes no sense to have in the house until you need it, the ability to defend yourself against all threats is something people skim over. Many hear the stories or watch the video clips on TikTok. They think they know what they would do, but unless you’ve trained for it extensively, you have no clue. Even then, adrenaline floods your mind and clouds your judgment.

When you’re armed and a threat is exposed, you have your decision to make. Do you allow this to happen, and another statistic gets tallied, or are you going to act? If you aren’t armed, that decision was made for you. Despite what movies like to tell us, sleight-of-hand distractions won’t have you outsmarting someone holding a weapon, and you aren’t out running a bullet.

Choosing this hill isn’t something new for Woods, either.

Back on March 5th, 2020, Woods took up for Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh who were openly threatened by Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over their decision regarding abortion in Louisiana. Telling them that they would pay if they let it keep going, the Senator thought he could intimidate sitting justices.

Woods was unrelenting in his simple statement against Schumer. “When the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must take the extraordinary step of admonishing a United States Senator from targeting the lives of named Justices, we are in civil war territory. The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment for violent haters like Chuck Schumer.”

His fellow actors aren’t exempt from his targeting. In April 2020, actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to try and get people behind her goals of slowing down the COVID-induced rampant firearm purchases. Her claims that these firearms would end up being used illegally fell on deaf ears across much of her audience.

Not for Woods. Instead, he replied and thanked her for the reminder to have extra ammo on hand just in case.

While these kinds of responses aren’t everyone’s cup of coffee in Hollywood, Woods was more than happy to send them out. He knows what his role in the real world is and what the American people need. By putting things in slightly sarcastic but easily remembered phrases, he keeps the Second Amendment on everyone’s mind and the tips of their tongues.

He might have been easily fooled by a piece of candy on Family Guy, but the top men inspected him. We have determined that James Woods is indeed a national treasure that needs to be safeguarded.