ISIS Attacks Pro-Taliban Election Rally; Leaves 54 Dead

Mohammad Bash /
Mohammad Bash /

When President Biden chose to withdraw from Afghanistan in August 2021, he did it with minimal planning. With a total power vacuum left behind, power quickly fell to the Taliban, who took over the military bases and equipment we had left behind. Fully equipped, other Islamic fighting factions were quick to follow and get armed for their versions of the cause as well.

Now taking their actions across the border, an Afghan portion of the Islamic State took full responsibility for a suicide bomber who successfully killed 55 people outside a pro-Taliban party’s election rally. For the region, this was one of the worst attacks in ages.

Islamic State in Khorasan Province issued a statement of responsibility on their Amaq website, with complete details. They discussed the detonation of an explosive device and called the bombing on July 30th a part of their war against democracy-backed Islam.

Just hours prior, mourners numbering in the hundreds took to the streets of Bajur carrying coffins draped in colorful cloths. Headed to burial sites, the bodies were those who had been killed in an attack at the election rally for the Jamiat Ulema Islam party. With over 200 more injured, many children, with at least five children among the dead, this attack struck at the heart of Pakistan.

With Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng also arriving in Islamabad just hours later, he arrived to organized chaos. Given the new promise for China to provide $10 billion to Afghanistan over 10 years, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif decried the attack and made it clear nobody would stand in the way of their pro-China relationship.

Biden’s timing and way of leaving have now welcomed all types of evil incarnate to come together. He is now walking us to the door of WWIII. Get buckled in people, things are about to get bumpy.