Instead of Torturing a Cat, Leftist Women Now Marrying Themselves To Fill Their Self-Created Hole of Shame

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For years now, many women have proclaimed “It’s okay if **insert latest man’s name here** doesn’t come back, I’ll just be single forever. I’ll just get a cat instead.”

These poor cats did nothing to deserve this. If no other human could find their behavior appropriate enough to endure living with them, then why should she subject a poor cat to such treatment?

Now these cats are done being the victim of so many forever-alone women. Instead, they are now holding elaborate wedding ceremonies where they marry themselves.

Commonly referred to as “sologamy,” the practice of “self-love” is the concept of being sexually attracted to themselves through “auto-sexual” and is now becoming incredibly common according to a report from CNN. According to the report, these women are still free to find someone who will love them as they are. These ladies haven’t sworn off the idea of marrying the right man should he come along, but they are rather committed that since they have yet to find the right guy, he may not be out there.

Surprisingly, CNN also admitted that many “critics” (aka people who see things normally) see the idea of self-marriage as a very narcissistic idea. Instead, they contend that therapist John Amodeo claims that it is a “Healthy form of narcissism.” He continued by claiming “It is actually a lack of self-love that leads to unhealthy narcissism. We are then constantly needing validation from others to fill our inner emptiness.”

Narcissism isn’t just because they marry themselves. Rather, it is because they are a collection of very unwilling people. These are people who have refused to love who they are, but they are also unwilling to allow someone else to love them. In their eyes, if they have not yet achieved the “perfection” they have in mind, nobody else should have them. Instead of giving up and getting a cat, or marrying themselves, they could simply do what most people do; go to the local bar and make some new friends.

Besides, what do they do when they can’t stand their spouse, either? Who does a self-divorce?