In a Potential Preview of 2024 in the US, Turkey’s Elections Decided by the Voice of the Young

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The people of Turkey have voted, with their elections being this past Sunday. These elections could mark a turning point in the history of Turkey, as the young people who were raised under Recep Tayyip Erdogan can now vote. As of right now, almost all of the votes have been counted, but that’s not really the most important aspect here.

With a record 44% inflation rate, people are unable to afford what they once could. Kids in college now have no choice but to work full-time while going to school. The days of any downtime to study or just enjoy life are replaced by just trying to survive his horrific decision-making. Many of these students have also faced the risk of jail time simply for speaking their opinion.

This risk alone makes voting for the opposition incredibly dangerous, but it’s something they are willing to undertake. In their eyes, the only way to change their lot in life is to change the person at the top of the government, and given all the control he has taken since he came into office, they are right.

Speaking with the BBC, Turkish student, 23-year-old, Perit said, “Two decades is such a long time to change people’s mentality: people’s understanding of democracy and human rights. If Erdogan wins again this could be our last election. Regime could change.”

With new voters making up 8% of the electorate vote, there is a huge wildcard at play. While many older Turkish residents know who they are voting for and why, the younger generation is not yet established, and many believe are the most easily influenced. Yet, from the protests and marches, it would seem that they are also the most anxious about a new regime.

No matter how their elections go, Turkey is getting ready for some massive changes.