Illegals Now Finding Work in LA As They Cross Picket Lines

Ringo Chiu /
Ringo Chiu /

As Los Angeles County, CA, hotel workers are on strike as a part of the Unite Here Local 11 union, hotels are clamoring to replace them. While crossing the picket line with scabs is offensive enough, using border jumpers and illegal aliens to fill their roles makes things even worse. Grabbing many of them from the famed Skid Row, these people have no hope or aspirations, so they take what they can.

Largely coming from Venezuela and Colombia, the illegals are anxious for any work they can get. As California and its Sanctuary status shields them as best it can, it does nothing to protect the unionized workers. However, given the situation and their working status, the district attorney’s office has launched a full investigation.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, “Since more than 15,000 workers began intermittent strikes at about 60 Southern California hotels in early July, employers have been replacing those union members with managers and temporary workers recruited through apps, such as Instawork, staffing agencies and by other means…In addition to the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, migrants were hired at the Holiday Inn LAX and Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica, according to interviews with migrants employed as temporary workers and organizers with Unite Here Local 11, the union representing striking hotel employees.”

According to District Attorney George Gascon, their investigation isn’t what we would expect as hard-working Americans. Instead, it’s into the working conditions these migrants are being subjected to. They aren’t worried about the average hotel worker or about them using illegals for labor. Instead, the concern is about how much they are being paid and safe working conditions.

Giving illegals the jobs hardworking Americans already have just so they can avoid paying them properly should be criminal. Crossing the picket line is one of the lowest things you can do as an American, and they aren’t starting on the right foot to fit in here.