Illegals Getting to the Border Ahead of Tile 42 Use Any Means Necessary

David Peinado Romero /
David Peinado Romero /

By car, by foot, by train? It turns out that there is an incredibly robust railway system that flows through Central America, throughout the mountains of Mexico, and up to our southern border, as the asylum-seeking illegals are jumping on and riding along.

From the blistering heat under the unforgiving sun and the freezing temperatures at night, the extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum in the desert is a lot to contend with. Yet, they are more than happy to go along for the ride and do anything they can to get here fast as possible. Getting off the trains, they seem happy, with many somehow claiming they know nothing about Title 42, and others stating that they want to be ready when they can cross.

Many of the train riders are willing to do nearly anything for a shower to get the train dust off their faces and to feel themselves get clean again. With Ciudad Juarez as the final stop for many, the city of El Paso, TX is awaiting across the border, and for these illegals, nothing will stop them from making it across.

While many were more than ready to hop across the border as soon as they could to get cleaned up a bit, others were more than happy to wait for the asylum period to open. Those who can find internet access have been registering for the CBP One app by the US Customs and Border Patrol. With this app, they increase their chances of being able to glide down the red-carpet President Biden is rolling out for their arrival.

For those who don’t have mobile phones, they are taking printed screenshots of their registration in the hopes that it will get them in-processed in short order. With estimates of 11,000 coming across per day, there is the potential for the US to take in nearly 4.5 million illegal asylum-seeking refugees.

Given Biden’s proclivity to taking them in, he is setting the left up with a literal stream of voters in the future. If conservatives don’t do something before the zero hour our southern border states will be up to their eyeballs in lowriders and tacos by Independence Day.