Hunter Biden is Threatened with 6 Months in Prison

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By now, I’m sure you know that Hunter Biden is pretty much in big trouble. Not only is his financial and criminal past catching up with him, but his role as a father could jeopardize his entire future. One judge is even threatening to throw him in jail.

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer presides over Hunter’s ongoing child support case with former stripper Lunden Roberts. Roberts wants their daughter’s name changed to Biden, and Hunter doesn’t. Hunter also wants to drop the amount he’s supposed to pay for monthly support ($20,000). Naturally, Roberts is fighting this.

According to Hunter, his financial situation is no longer what it used to be, leaving him strapped for cash and apparently unable to pay what is owed in child support. Supposedly, is relatively new starving artist career isn’t paying all that much, despite being able to sell even prints of his work for tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, if he were actually struggling to pay for his child support and could prove it, I’m sure Judge Meyers would rule in his favor, at least on the amount being reduced part of the case. But as it stands, Hunter has neglected to fully cooperate with the matter, refusing to answer a number of questions or provide documentation regarding his financials.

And this has been going on long enough that the judge is growing tired of Hunter’s “games.”

Biden now has until next month to comply with those questions and show up for a hearing in Arkansas, or he will be charged with contempt.

If he doesn’t show up for the hearing or doesn’t answer accordingly, proving his supposed inability to pay, Meyers says contempt charges will be filed. And the punishment for such could land him up to 6 months in prison, a fine and jail sentence for criminal contempt, and having to pay for Roberts’ attorney fees.

Oh, and the judge might also award Roberts with everything she’s asking for – no reduction in child support and a name change to Biden.

So either he coughs up the truth of his ill-gotten financials, or he’s going to prison…