How Are These Trees Moving by Themselves?

Dalouis /
Dalouis /

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. Aliens are real; the government is spying on us; we never went to the moon; Trump is going to prison; Bigfoot exists, etc.

One of the latest seems to be that trees can move by themselves. And by move, I mean like change locations in the ground, some by about 100 yards or even more.

The numerous videos of such alleged activity seem to show trees moving in seemingly impossible ways. A tree just appears on the skyline out of nowhere and continues to move as if being pulled in one direction or another.

To be sure, and as the narrator of this compilation of tree-moving videos says, it sounds and looks a bit terrifying, as if these trees have a mind all their own and the will to move where they want…

But how can that be?

For centuries, trees have been known and proven as statutory figures. Sure, they sway in the wind and grow to one side or another, and some depending on the soil around them or obstacles in the ground may grow awkwardly, appearing to move a few centimeters or even inches over the years.

But to move yards and hundreds of them in one seemingly connected moment?

As someone who’s not prone to believing in these types of phenomena, I want to think it’s the combination of forceful winds, shallow roots, saturated ground, and/or poor soil that could allow such massive trees to suddenly change locations. Plus, I’ve seen what video editing can do.

But in some cases, the videos don’t look doctored, and yet, there seems to be unexplainable movement from just one tree. How can that happen?

Take a look for yourself and see what you think. Do you think these trees are actually moving, as if they have a brain telling them where to go? Or should we chalk this up to someone’s wild imagination?