Haley Gets Another Big Endorsement, Will It Even Matter?

Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com
Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com

If you pay attention to many of the presidential polls, it shows that Trump is in the lead by 40 or even 50%. That means that if everyone votes like they are polling, Trump will grab the GOP nomination with ease. However, that doesn’t mean that other GOP candidates aren’t trying like hell to take him down.

It’s not over until it’s over.

One of the candidates fighting tooth and nail for the top is Nikki Haley. To be fair, she’s put up a good fight and she may be one of the more qualified people considering that she’s been not only a governor but also a UN ambassador.

She just clenched a big endorsement, too.

The Americans for Prosperity (AFP) have decided to endorse her. They are looking to give “America the opportunity to turn the page on the current political era.”

AFP chose to stay out of the 2016 and 2020 presidential cycles. So, their endorsement means more than ever. The conservative activist group wants to make sure that the presidential candidate they endorse can actually improve the US on all fronts.

Trump and DeSantis are not able to do that, according to the group.

They do feel that Haley has the potential to unite the country and get it back on track.

Since AFP stayed out of the last two election cycles, they have significant resources that they plan on using to boost Haley’s campaign. That means that you can expect to see more of her – on the campaign trail, in the media, and on billboards as you drive down the road.

On Twitter/X, AFP stated that Haley “represents a new generation of conservative leaders who will solve the tough problems and lead our country forward. Her positive vision for America is what we desperately need.”

Haley, of course, is “honored” to have the endorsement.

Now that Haley is getting this added financial support and the important endorsement, it could solidify her into the #2 position, pushing DeSantis and Ramaswamy both firmly behind her.

The problem is that she’ll still be #2.

Is there any endorsement that could catapult her past Trump?

Is there any media budget that would allow her to showcase that she’s a better candidate than Trump?

At this point, unless Trump were to step out of the running, the only thing that Haley can hope for is a VP slot on Trump’s ticket or an appointment to his Cabinet.