GRAPHIC: South Korean Opposition Leader Stabbed in the Neck in Assassination Attempt

Yeongsik Im /
Yeongsik Im /

The leader of South Korea’s opposition party was stabbed in the neck in an apparent assassination attempt. We say “attempt,” but reports have not updated the condition of Lee Jae-Myung yet after a man pretending to be a fan plunged a 5-inch blade into the leader’s neck.

Lee was visiting a construction site in the port city of Busan and surrounded by supporters and media when it happened. A man pushed through the crowd pretending to be one of Lee’s supporters, and then asked him for his autograph. That’s when the suspect, identified only as a man in his 60s, jabbed the blade into Lee’s neck.

Police were seen wrestling the attacker to the ground, and a bystander pressed a handkerchief against the wound on Lee’s neck before he was rushed to an ambulance. Police say the knife was purchased online, and they are still investigating the motive for the attack.

With Asian politics, it sometimes takes a while to actually unravel the mystery behind an assassination. For example, when former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated in 2022, the cops thought his killer was crazy. The attacker claimed that Abe was a member of the South Korean Moonie cult. He also said the cult had ruined his life, because many of the high-ranking officials in the Japanese government were also Moonies.

The whole thing about the Abe assassination sounded totally crazy, but it all turned out to be true. The Japanese people were shocked to learn that much of their government was under the control of a foreign cult. That actually happened.

So, it’s probably a safe bet that we should wait to see why Lee Jae-myung was attacked by this guy, as we hope for a speedy recovery for him. Here’s the video of the attack as it happened, which is graphic: