GOP Lt. Gov Tells Pelosi to Take Care of Her Own Backyard

GOP leadership in Virginia has a problem with Nancy Pelosi. And this week, Lt. Governor Winsome Sears wasted little time telling the former House speaker to get out of her state.

It happened on Tuesday, election day, shortly after Pelosi began making posts and putting out videos addressed to Virginia voters, telling them to vote blue.

Pelosi, joined by Democratic Virginia state Senator Louise Lucas, encouraged voters to remember women’s “rights” to abortion and “MAGA Republican extremists” as they headed to the polls.

According to the two-time speaker, her party has “momentum” in the Commonwealth. Should they vote blue, they would “protect women’s rights, fund public education, and address the kitchen table needs of working families.”

But as Sears made clear, Pelosi, of all people, has little room to tell voters either how to vote or what their priorities should be.

In an appearance on WMAL Radio, Sears said, “Why don’t you take care of your own backyard before you start talking about us, Nancy Pelosi? You got enough problems of your own. Handle that first, and maybe we’ll listen to you.”

She continued, asking, “Has anyone asked Nancy Pelosi when they are going to start cleaning up the filth and the literal feces that are lining the businesses? Has anyone asked Nancy Pelosi if she is going to take care of the people who are leaving?”

Sears makes a good point, doesn’t she?

I mean, if you know pretty much anything about Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco and the district she’s been elected to represent, it’s likely that it’s quickly falling into ruin. Homelessness is through the roof, crime out outrageous, and taxes are higher than ever.

Things are so bad, in fact, people are moving out of the area and the state at record rates. Hell, the federal government has even been forced to shut down the “Nancy Pelosi” federal office building, of all things, because the area it is located in (downtown) is simply too dangerous for its workers.

And yet, Pelosi is trying to tell Virginia voters what kind of policies and such they should be voting for? Umm, I don’t think so.

There’s a reason there is a saying that goes, “Don’t California my Virginia,” or input any other state name. The fact of life is that the policies Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have implemented have led to their own demise.

And Sears isn’t about to let the same thing happen in her state.

Right now, the Old Dominion is doing fairly well on holding off the liberals. Its governor, as well as all the state’s top leadership, is Republican-controlled. So is their House of Representatives. Democrats control the Senate alone.

However, that majority in the House is pretty slim. If Virginia is to keep the GOP and ‘for the people’ policies in place, they are going to have to work hard to keep those like Pelosi out of their state.

Hopefully, most voters will see the disaster Pelosi’s “own backyard” has become and want nothing to do with her or her advice.