George Soros’ Supervillain Kid Says He’s 100 Times Worse Than His Father

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Well, this doesn’t sound good. Alexander Soros, the supervillain son of George Soros, has been handed the reins to his dad’s $25 billion fortune. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Alexander says that he will be fighting against independent journalism and conservatism “100 times more aggressively” than his dad. If you take just one look at the little SJW fascist, you can immediately tell he’s not kidding.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) is an organization that has helped to cause more human suffering and misery than any other modern institution. The OSF backs the most radical communist candidates running for office in every country on Earth. George himself has caused currency crashes that have economically destroyed entire countries.

In December, OSF elected 38-year-old Alexander Soros as its new chairman of the board. The younger Soros will also be directing all the funds of his father’s super PAC, which will be pouring dark money into more lawless prosecutor races across the country next year, not to mention dumping millions into the campaign coffers of whatever Democrat is running for president.

Soros Jr. says that his biggest concern right now is the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House. The Soros empire, and others like it, can’t make stacks of cash if there is an “America First” president in the White House. He told the WSJ, “As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too.”

Right. Because there are so many Republican billionaires out there pouring dark money into our side’s candidates.

The fact that Alex Soros is so young should concern all of us. He could potentially live for decades, sowing misery in the country that he hates more than any other in the world—America. People don’t stop and think about it very often, but George Soros has radically changed America for the worse just in the last 15 years or so. Now, we’ll have to put up with his son, who brags that he’s “100 times worse” than his supervillain father.

George Soros bankrolled Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Obama, who probably really was born in Kenya, proceeded to destroy race relations in America while introducing “woke” social justice and tribal affiliations to American politics. It’s hard to understate what a radical shift this was, and it’s all George Soros’s fault.

He’s made things even worse in recent years by funding radical prosecutor races. Once his candidates get elected, Soros owns them lock, stock, and barrel. They do his bidding—allowing murderers, rapists, and other criminals to run free—while selectively prosecuting conservatives for obscure century-old crimes that no one even knew were crimes. How many innocent Americans have been killed in the last five years because of George Soros’s jailbreak prosecutors and the no-cash-bail programs? It’s probably not a small number.

Naturally, any time you criticize George Soros publicly, the Anti-Defamation League comes out and puts its knee on your neck to call you an Anti-Semite. Most people don’t even realize that George Soros is Jewish, so that’s totally not the point. We object to him destroying the fabric of our society by pretending to be some philanthropist while actually causing misery, death, and destruction.

Now that Alex Soros is running the show, things could rapidly start to get even worse. He seems to be promising that things will get worse by bragging that he’s worse than his father. Why can’t these people just go back to their volcano lair and leave the rest of us alone?