Ford Draws a Line in the Sand: Advances in EVs Means More Than Paying Workers Properly

Steve Lagreca /
Steve Lagreca /

Before United Auto Workers (UAW) union members could start walking off the job at midnight on September 15th, they made their list of demands known to their employers.

With General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis (Dodge) all on strike at the same time for the first time in history, something needs to change. This strike is nothing but a result of Biden destroying the wages and careers of these auto workers.

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead,” Ford President and CEO Jim Farley made it clear that they are more than happy to keep chasing after Biden, hoping he’ll give them more government contracts if they keep pushing the Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the American people. Never mind that wages are at the core of the strike, this CEO seems confident that he is doing things right by making those adjustments for this administration.

“There’s a fine line here that we won’t go past, which is, we want everyone to participate in our success. But if it prevents us from investing in this transition to EVs and in future products like the ones we have now like a new F-150, the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., then everyone’s job’s at risk if we don’t invest. So, there’s a line. The line isn’t for us to go bankrupt. The line is somewhere in the middle, and the only way to resolve that is to actually negotiate.”

When the host from CNN tried bringing up the 40% pay increases Farley and other c-suite employees receive, as well as shy high bonuses, he did everything he could to stifle the conversation. From telling them that it was before his time to trying to make it sound like they simply don’t matter.