FL Cop Left Gasping for Life and Needing NARCAN Following Traffic Stop

Artiom Photo / shutterstock.com
Artiom Photo / shutterstock.com

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Deputy Nick Huzior had no idea what he was in for when responding to a hit-and-run chase. 61-year-old George Clemons had been driving recklessly and had attempted to flee a hit-and-run when he was eventually detained by bystanders until the police arrived.

Upon arriving, Huzior and Deputy First Class Kyle Gaddie found Clemons in the driver’s seat with the keys under his leg. At a glance, an empty Bud Light and a mini bottle of booze were found in the vehicle. Combative and resisting DUI testing, Huzior began testing the narcotics that were throughout the vehicle. Despite taking all the proper precautions, Hyzior suddenly started feeling the effects.

“I just got lightheaded; call EMS,” exclaimed Huzior. Responding immediately, Gaddie administered a dose of NARCAN. With Huzior also feeling shaky and not being able to feel his extremities, this dose likely saved him, with a second dose being required before EMS arrived to take him to Advent Health Palm Coast, where he was treated and released.

First responders encounter these dangerous substances every day. Despite taking all the proper steps to protect themselves, exposure happens frequently. This is beyond dangerous and something they shouldn’t be required to deal with. Yet with le leftist agenda that allows for slaps on the wrist from drug crimes that encourage them to use and/or sell this kind of substances.

It’s time for a change. The American people and our first responders deserve more. Our kids and our community deserve better. This is an area where examples need to be made, not exceptions. Let Clemons get a real set of charges and punishment. Not a sympathetic release because he’s 6q or some other pathetic excuse.