Finland Once Again Doing What the US Won’t

Kekyalyaynen /
Kekyalyaynen /

As President Biden looks at the illegal immigration problem along our borders, he isn’t doing anything to fix it. There is no rush and no sense of urgency behind fixing the problem. For him, this is a difficult decision, one he grapples with because he worries it could alienate voters. With so many only supporting him and by proxy the Democrats due to their push for open borders, he knows their loyalty is stuck to this one point.

Meanwhile, as Finland assessed their situation with Russia and the immigrants crossing from the Russian side, they decided that this was too dangerous as of November 16th. Seeing the massive African and Middle Eastern surge of immigration coming to or through the nation was too great a risk. As such, Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and Interior Minister Mari Rantanen declared the southeastern crossing points of Imatra, Niirala, Nuijamaa, and Vaalimaa would be closed immediately.

With 832 miles (1,340 kilometers) of border between Finland and Russia, much of the southern border is deep forest. As you make your way up the border the weather gets colder and harsher. Eventually, it becomes nothing but a rugged landscape as far as the eye can see in the Arctic. Currently, the two nations share nine total border stations, with one specifically dedicated to rail travel.

Speaking with reporters, PM Orpo simply declared, “Operations of the Russian border authorities have changed.” Talking specifically about the dozens and dozens of migrants that have recently shown up on their border. Showing up at the Nordic nation’s doorstep, they are brought there by Russian immigration authorities and have no documentation. Claiming asylum, they are dropped at the strong border zone and left to their own devices.

This is a far cry from the previous agreement between the two nations that actively stopped and returned those without the necessary passport and/or visa paperwork.

Reports from the Finnish Border Guard list Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, and Somalia as the main countries where these illegals demanding asylum have originated. Showing up on bikes, both Finnish and Russian media reports claim the bicycles were sold to them on their way to Finland. A vast majority have openly used Russia only to cut through towards Finland and in many cases to go beyond and into the European Union.

Since September Finland has received 280 illegals coming from third-world countries. According to Finnish President Sauli Niinistö’s comments on November 15th, this is being done by Russia following their membership enrollment into NATO back in April. With decades of non-alignment, the nation had kept its distance from conflict and opted to take a neutral position in the conflicts of other nations, including neighboring Russia.

When Finland joined NATO, Russia threatened to strike Helsinki with retaliatory measures, but thus far has done nothing beyond saber rattling. This may explain why in October Finland announced that the nation of 5.6 million would be inking a new deal with the US for a bilateral defense agreement. This so-called DCA-pact will allow Washington to send US troops to the nation, as well as permit the storage of equipment, weapons, and ammunition in the country.

By closing their borders Niinistö has done precisely what Joe Biden has refused to do in the US; take responsibility for fixing the illegal immigration problem in his country. Then again with 11 years of experience as President, and a no-nonsense attitude about keeping his country safe, he is willing to make the tough choices.

Under no circumstances is the decision to keep people out an easy one. The heartstrings of sympathy that exist in most people are pulled as these illegals proclaim that they will be killed or enslaved if they return home. Their stories are so sad, it makes you want to take them and the food home and put it on the table. Yet, doing so only encourages more to come, and then to keep coming.

Hopefully, with the exchange between Finland and the US Biden can borrow a backbone, a few good ideas, and perhaps some senility. Even though Niinistö is only a few years younger in age, mentally he is still tack sharp.