Fact Checkers Can’t Even Cover for Kamala Harris Anymore

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

If you remember, fact-checking became a real thing at the behest of the political left, a way to supposedly prove that Donald Trump and his followers were wrong about everything. So, it should really say something now that it is Vice President Kamala Harris is now being fact-checked – and those fact-checkers can’t even slightly cover for her anymore.

Most recently, this happened when Kamala tried to prove just how faulty polling can be while speaking to ABC’s Linsey Davis at the end of July.

Naturally, the topic of Harris’s abysmal popularity came up. To Davis’s left-leaning credit, the question put to Harris was framed in how gender and race roles played a part.

“There were reports that say you have the lowest rating of any vice president. I’m curious. How much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?”

I know; insert eye roll here, right?

But the conversation only gets worse when Harris responds. It is noted that she basically ignores the question completely, seeking instead to argue the fact (and yes, it’s a fact) that she’s unpopular.

She quickly said, “Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings.”

Then, she even went on to say that all this talk about her being unpopular is clearly just meant to be a “distraction” from all of her and Biden’s supposedly many accomplishments.

I know; insert another eye roll.

Thankfully, and as I mentioned before, not even left-leaning fact-checkers could let Harris get away with such talk.

In fact, PolitiFact, a noticeable “left-leaning” outlet, straight up said, “No recent public poll shows Kamala Harris with ‘great approval ratings.’” They further proved this by citing “more than 100 publicly released polls dating to October 2021,” all of which show Harris with approval ratings that are heavily outweighed by disapproval ratings.

No, Harris, that statement is purely “false.” No ifs, ands, or buts about it…