DeSantis Refused To Walk Back Comments About ‘Deadly Force’ To Combat the Cartel

The Old Major /
The Old Major /

Trying to have a civilized interview can be incredibly difficult in 2023, especially for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). NBC News reporter Dasha Burns was told directly by DeSantis that when someone presents a hostile act or intent, you deal with them on a rule of engagement standard. Since the cartels present a threat, they get dealt with.

This would be the essence of the “f*ck around, find out” tagline being played out in real time. A glorious moment in history if it comes to fruition.

“You, yourself were an advisor to Navy SEALs. You know how hard it is sometimes when it comes to rules of engagement. How to tell good guys from bad guys, especially when folks are crossing the border under cover of night, how do you discern if it’s a child or a mother or a cartel member?” Burns inquired.

DeSantis quickly explained that kids wouldn’t be targeted. As she searched for plausible scenarios where that mistake could happen, DeSantis shut her down. When she tried spinning it into a question about the border wall not existing everywhere, DeSantis launched his A-game, and she fell right into it.

“It’s the same way you would use in any situation. The same way a police officer would know, the same way somebody operating in Iraq would know. You know, these people in Iraq at the time, they all look the same. You didn’t know who had a bomb strapped to them, so those guys have to make judgments.”

This is a concept Burns and the rest of the liberals cannot comprehend. Our Border Patrol has a large presence of Veterans, with many coming from a Special Operations or Infantry background. They know these tactics, procedures, and land nav skills, like she knows how to place a mic-pack for an interview.

While mistakes like she dredges up happen due to bad intel or timing, they are rare exceptions. We need to be more worried about the safety and security of this nation and less about that of criminals.