Depraved Details of Hunter’s Tax Evasion Indictment Will Make Your Skin Crawl 

Domenico Fornas /
Domenico Fornas /

Hunter Biden faced federal charges in California on Thursday, exposing more than just his alleged tax evasion over several years. The indictment, lodged by DOJ Special Counsel David Weiss in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, outlined the disgusting ways that Hunter used the money he earned during that period and the deceptive ways he framed things like sex club memberships, payments to strippers, and adult entertainment expenses to avoid paying taxes. 

The nine tax charges include submitting a false return, committing tax evasion felonies, and misdemeanor offenses related to failure to file and pay taxes. The indictment focuses on approximately $1.4 million in unpaid taxes. It outlines Hunter’s extravagant spending on adult entertainers, drugs, substances, expensive cars, and luxury accommodations and the imaginative ways he avoided paying taxes. 

In 2018, Biden instructed his personal assistant to add three women with whom he had sexual attachments or romantic ties and a fourth woman connected to one of the three to his business payroll. Additionally, he allegedly arranged for them to receive healthcare benefits. 

Biden knew the wages, amounting to $86,000, constituted “a false deduction,” but he did not disclose this information to his accountants. Instead, the money was counted as payroll and business expenses within Hunter’s company, Owasco, PC, reducing his income and lowering his individual income tax liability. 

During this time, according to the charges, Biden allegedly used his business line of credit to cover personal expenses while misleading the CA Accountants by falsely portraying these expenditures as business-related. Among these personal expenses was a payment to an exotic dancer, sent via Venmo, of just over $770. Another $3,950 payment was to a Washington D.C. strip club called M Street Management. 

Hunter additionally used the business line of credit in New York and California for luxury hotels, upscale restaurants, designer clothing, and other high-end personal items. 

From 2016 to 2019, Hunter made $683,212 in payments to “various women,” including those with whom he had romantic or sexual relationships. Additionally, during these three years alone, he spent $188,960 on adult entertainment, including a sex club membership, payments to exotic dancers, and visits to strip clubs. 

Between 2016 and October 15, 2020, Hunter spent an additional $188,960 on drugs, escorts, rental properties, high-end automobiles, girlfriends, clothing, and luxury hotels. 

Hunter requested financial support between January 2020 and October 2020, which he used to continue his lifestyle without considering his outstanding tax obligations. 

In a January 28, 2020, meeting with his accountant, Hunter falsely categorized payments from his personal bank account and other wire transfers as business-related expenses. One such highlighted transaction was a September 2018 payment of $1,248 in airline tickets for an exotic dancer to travel from Los Angeles to New York. 

During the 2020 meeting with his accountant, Hunter reviewed the general ledger for Owasco PC, falsely mislabeling even more personal transactions as business expenses. Hunter used a yellow highlighter to mark personal expenses as “Professional and Outside Services.”  

One of these transactions mislabeled a $1,500 Venmo payment to an exotic dancer at a strip club as a business expense. Another was a payment of $1,248 in airline tickets so an exotic dancer could travel from Los Angeles to New York. 

Hunter also used multiple wire transfers from Owasco, PC, to JP Morgan Chase to cover personal expenses. He misrepresented these transfers to his accountants as business-related. One such wire transfer in 2018 totaled $18,000, with $10,000 of those funds labeled a “golf membership deposit.” It was later revealed that the $10,000 was used to purchase a sex club membership. 

The indictment reads, “Many of the expenses the Defendant highlighted were, as he was aware, not legitimate business expenses. Instead, they were personal expenditures incurred during what he described in his memoir as a ‘bacchanal’ in 2018.” 

If convicted, Hunter could face up to seventeen years in prison. The White House has declined to comment, but President Joe Biden must be getting nervous as he finally watches the heavy arm of justice fall on his son. As the 2024 election approaches, Joe Biden may be the oldest to serve…time in jail.