Denver’s Biggest Hospital on the Verge of Collapse from Illegal Aliens

Jim Lambert /
Jim Lambert /

One of the largest hospitals in Colorado may be on the verge of shutting its doors permanently, thanks to Joe Biden’s horde of invaders that are incapable of paying their emergency bills. Americans needing emergency care are being turned away from Denver Health Medical Center because it is frequently swamped with illegal aliens. America is facing an uncomfortable choice because of Joe Biden’s presence in the White House. The country must either acknowledge and defend its borders, or we will soon be turned into the sort of Third World hellhole that Biden’s invaders are coming from.

More than 8,000 illegal aliens from Central America swamped Denver Health Medical Center in 2023. Those 8,000 illegals paid more than 20,000 visits to the emergency room because they were all carrying weird, exotic jungle diseases by the time they arrived in America. None of them paid their bills. They just went in for treatment and walked out without paying.

According to Denver Health CEO Donna Lynne, the hospital lost $136 million in 2023. That’s a huge increase over the $60 million that the hospital lost to caring for illegal aliens in 2022. You don’t need an MBA from Harvard to realize that this is not sustainable, and Colorado will be losing its largest hospital in the near future if this continues.

“What I think is not being said is that Denver Health is at a critical, critical point and that we need to take this up in 2024,” Lynne told the Denver City Council.

Denver Health Medical Center has been in operation since 1960. It opened the nation’s first nursing school west of the Mississippi River. It’s the largest teaching hospital in Colorado. A lot of doctors and nurses are trained there. Can America really afford to lose teaching hospitals at a time like this? Just by a show of hands, who thinks it will be good for the country to have fewer doctors and nurses?

The hospital is now turning away American patients and cutting costs to try to stay open. They’ve shut down multiple beds for treating patients with substance abuse and mental health issues. At a time when Joe Biden’s inflation is crushing everyone, the hospital had to cancel planned salary increases for every American employee. All so that they can continue providing “free” healthcare to Venezuelan criminals for their gross and weird diseases.

Think of the long-term ripple effects it will have in America if we start losing teaching hospitals like Denver Health. Around 1,500 doctors graduate with degrees from the University of Colorado each year, and they receive their training at Denver Health. If America starts losing 15,000 doctors per decade just from the closure of this one teaching hospital, it’s going to impact rural America first. Doctors will be so in demand that they’ll all be taking jobs in the bigger cities that can offer more money. Plus, Denver Health is not the only teaching hospital in the country that’s in financial trouble because of Joe Biden’s evil plans to destroy America.

The mayor of Denver has been trying to alleviate the invasion the same way that liberals in many other cities are doing. He’s deporting many of the illegals to Republican counties in Colorado. That’s not really a solution. Neither is forcing the taxpayers to bail out Denver Health.

The solution is to send the illegal aliens back. They have to go back to where they came from. Deporting them to red parts of the country doesn’t make the problem go away, it only kicks the can down the road. Deporting them completely out of the country is the only non-violent solution to this problem.