Dem Embarrasses Himself When People Find Out About His Thirst Strike

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Another Democratic politician has just done something he considers to be quite amazing. Unfortunately, it’s something everyone else can also do without issue.

On Tuesday, Texas Representative Greg Casar went on a “thirst strike.”  Apparently, it was a way for him to protest federal heat safety regulations, seeing as how a good portion of the nation has been under extreme heat warnings and advisories of late.

Casar’s strike lasted for a little over eight hours.

For him, it must have been quite an accomplishment. Because nearly as soon as his “strike” ended, he made sure to jump on social media and brag about it.

There’s just one problem.

As more than a few social media users pointed out, not eating or drinking anything for eight hours isn’t that much of a feat. In fact, most of us do it at one point or another in our lives, some on the regular. It’s also noted that most of us do this every day when we sleep…

As one Twitter user said, “Only a politician would expect praise and a press conference or doing what the rest of us do every day.”

Now, to be clear, going without food and water for eight hours can lead to some health issues, such as dehydration or heat stroke. But usually only if the individual does so outside in extreme heat or doing something strenuous.

Casar was doing neither.

He was in Washington, DC, and the air-conditioned halls of the Capitol. Plus, knowing that he was going to participate in such a strike, he likely made sure to eat and drink quite a bit before his eight hours started.

Again, not a great feat.