COFFEE Prevents COVID?! Sorry About All Those Vaccine Mandates!

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Researchers have discovered that polyphenols (plant compounds that have antioxidant properties) in your morning cup of coffee can protect against several variants of the COVID-19 virus. Plus, health officials would like to really really apologize for those vaccine mandates where they forced Americans to take an experimental medicine that they neither wanted nor apparently needed since coffee prevents COVID. As a result of those vaccine mandates, hundreds of thousands of Americans were needlessly, permanently harmed and untold numbers were killed. Sorry ‘bout that!

Okay, we’re kidding about the health officials. There’s no scenario in which those arrogant little pipsqueak tyrants will apologize for the massive harm they did to Americans’ health with the mandates.

It’s pretty interesting that coffee might protect against the delta and omicron variants, though, don’t you think? Sort of preempts that whole “emergency use authorization” thing on the vaccines, when you think about it.

In a study published in Cell and Bioscience, scientists decided to test whether the polyphenols in coffee would prevent viral binding from COVID to the ACE-2 receptors on cells in patient’s lungs, thus preventing infection even if they technically catch the coronavirus. And sonofab*tch! It worked!

Scientists first conducted laboratory testing on human cells and then conducted human trials on 64 people who willingly exposed themselves to COVID for the test. Sure enough, the coffee prevented multiple variants of COVID and reduced the activity of the proteins that lead to severe illness from the virus.

“Put simply, it kept the virus from getting the foothold needed to cause infection,” said Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum with the Practitioners Alliance Network.

During the human trials, they had the patients who had been exposed to the coronavirus drink one or two cups of coffee per day. That was enough to prevent infection across multiple variants, including delta and omicron. The scientists found that the effect from coffee was consistent across all different types of coffee as well, including ground, instant, and that pointless garbage known as “decaf.”

The conclusion of the study’s authors was that coffee may very well be an effective strategy against infection with the coronavirus.

When they say it like that, they make it sound kind of stupid that health officials forced millions of Americans to get injected with an experimental mRNA technology that hadn’t even been tested on rats. Especially since that mRNA technology has more than 1,100 known side effects that include spontaneous herpes, more than 300 neurological disorders, sexual sterilization, fatal blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, facial paralysis, sudden death, and blindness.

More than 20,000 members of the US military were sexually sterilized by the vaccines after Joe Biden’s illegal mandates went into effect in 2021. Celine Dion and Justin Bieber both had to cancel their world tours in 2021 because of neurological disorders, and Bieber’s 27-year-old wife had a stroke. And now we come to find out that they could have just had Starbucks instead of the vaccine?

The whole point of “emergency use authorization” for experimental vaccines is that there are no other cheap and widely abundant things that can prevent an illness. Health officials lied to the public about the effectiveness of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, because either one of those cheap, safe, and widely available medicines could have nullified the whole need for the EUA. The Chinese coronavirus is such a not-serious-at-all illness that even a morning cup of java prevents infection.

We already knew that coffee was awesome, but the fact that it prevents infection from COVID makes it even more awesome. It also tells us that a lot of public health officials actually deserve to be in prison right now because of their lies and the vaccine mandates.