Cartels Offering Rewards for Border Patrol Agents’ Home Addresses

Andy Dean Photography /
Andy Dean Photography /

US Customs and Border Patrol has issued a safety alert to its agents after the FBI found a possible drug cartel member offering bounties for them on social media. The messages are offering a cash reward for the home addresses of Border Patrol members and even larger rewards for their relatives. The suspect cartel member says they’ll also post videos of torturing the Border Patrol’s family members online if the tips turn out to be fruitful.

Border Patrol agents and their relatives have been placed on ‘high alert’ after the messages were discovered. The threats must be serious since the FBI has pulled agents away from harassing Trump supporters, January 6 grannies, school board moms, and people who pray silently across the street from abortion clinics in order to try to run the threats down.

“We will pay for any addresses of Border Patrol agents!! $200 your way if you get me a border patrol agent’s address. $1K if you get me they mommas address,” read the social media messages. “We offer $$$ for information on BP agents. Top dollar on good info. I’ll post us torturing any bp agent u send [sic].”

Someone in Texas who received the message initially forwarded it to the FBI. The Border Patrol sent out the warning to all of its agents on Tuesday, October 10th. The Border Patrol has authenticated the messages and says they are a real threat, even though the FBI (as always) is refusing to comment.

How bad is the situation at the border going to get if Border Patrol agents start quitting their jobs? It’s bad enough that they’re not allowed to kick illegals out on sight, or simply shoot them. (Yeah, we just went there. It’s an invasion.)

Here is the message that was originally sent on social media, which has now been authenticated by the Border Patrol: