Carlson to Send Dems Pricey “Middle Finger” if Trump is Convicted

Dmitry Lobanov /
Dmitry Lobanov /

By now, we all know former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a fan of former President Donald Trump. But now, he’s saying he’ll even contribute to Trump’s campaign, should the Democrats succeed in indicting him.

The comments came during a recent interview with independent journalist Glenn Greenwald. The main topic of the conversation was what 2024 would hold for the US. Naturally, that led to discussing things like the war in Ukraine and the Biden presidency, both of which are presumed to be coming to an end by both Carlson and Greenwald.

And the latter is likely because of the former.

As Greenwald noted, “Trump was the first American president in decades – in decades – not to involve the United States in a new war.” In comparison, Biden has “a new war popping up all the time.”

There is the war in Ukraine, which Biden has done nothing but encourage. He’s also doing nothing to stop the war from continuing between our Middle Eastern ally, Israel, and Hamas. And don’t even get me started on all the signs of war with China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

And, as Greenwald says, Americans will remember that.
We will also remember that Trump’s economy was so much better, even during the height of COVID.

Of course, those are precisely the failings that have led the political left to attack Trump at every turn, attempting to ruin his chances of beating Biden or anyone else the Democrats can come up with in 2024.

Now, as both Greenwald and Carlson agree, the charges facing Trump are pretty disingenuous, meaning that they don’t really feel like crimes, at least not ones that he should be jailed for.

The pair said, “The odds look pretty good for Trump.”

However, should they succeed in convicting Trump, Carlson says he’s going to send Trump’s campaign as much as he can, if for no other reason than to give the Dems the “middle finger.”

“I’ve never sent money to a politician, but if Trump is convicted I’m sending him the max (which is $3,300 for individuals). I think a lot of people feel that way, just as a middle finger.”

I have to say, he’s probably not wrong…