California Blames DeSantis for a Plane Full of Illegals / /

More than a dozen illegals got the ride of a lifetime on June 5th.

Flying from the Texas border to the capital of California, this group of 20 illegals was flown in by private plane and is the second such group to get this ride since June 2nd. So far, nobody has stepped forward to take responsibility for getting them on these flights to Sacramento. Yet, preliminary investigations have indicated that the same contractor from Florida is behind the flights. A spokesperson for California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a statement about the flights.

“Special agents from the California Department of Justice are on the ground and have made contact with these individuals. The contractor operating the flight that arrived today appears to be the same contractor who transported the migrants last week. As was the case with the migrants who arrived on Friday, the migrants who arrived today carried documents indicating that their transportation to California involved the state of Florida.”

With the June 2nd passengers carrying similar documents that indicated it was issued by the state of Florida, the state of California is ready to go after the person or people behind these flights. Issuing multiple statements to give the appearance that Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) even cares about these people, the state has gone on the full offensive against Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

On June 5th, Newsom took to Twitter to try and call out DeSantis. “[DeSantis] you small, pathetic man. This isn’t Martha’s Vineyard. Kidnapping charges?” This tweet was childish and poorly thought out, however, with California having a law that makes taking someone from out of state into California “by force or fraud” kidnapping, he might be getting ready to call that bluff.

For what it’s worth, DeSantis’ supporters in Florida, California, and other states have been flooding various websites and social media platforms in support of the rumors he is behind these latest flights. With the state capital declaring itself a Sanctuary, they have opened the doors to flights like these. No matter if it’s Gov DeSantis or some other Good Samaritan, if these cities want to proclaim their doors are open to illegals, then they should not be mad for getting what they ask for.

A decision like this is not made easily or lightly. The people agreeing to charter the plane, those piloting the flight, and those getting on the plane are putting things at risk. Illegals on the ground in Texas already have a path carved out for themselves, but they are opting to risk the verified path the left is already crafting for them for something better in sanctuary cities.

Governor Newsom and his band of like-minded simpletons banding together to try and come after Governor DeSantis like this is beyond infantile. It could easily be seen as slander, especially as there is nothing proven to connect him to this operation as of this moment. What “evidence” they do have is circumstantial at best, and honestly could have been generated by anyone with Microsoft Word and an HP printer.

This kind of mission is not an easy undertaking to plan, nor is it simple to make the logistics work to get everyone in the right place at the right time. Despite what Gov. Newsome likes to claim, they weren’t just dumped on the steps of a church, they were placed with contacts on the ground planning with the city.

If Newsom wants to make a difference in the problems along the southern border, he can take responsibility for more of the illegals since his state has the smallest amount of borderland. Seeing as how he has repeatedly ignored the problem and tried to underplay their issues by just letting everything become legal, and ignoring the root of the problem.