Boston Refuses to Discuss THIS Transgender Party

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Transgender parties happen all the time – and they’re happening quite frequently throughout Pride Month. However, one got completely out of hand. It broke unthinkable laws. And yet, the city of Boston wants to sweep it under the rug as though it never happened.

It gets worse. You won’t hear the mainstream media reporting about the party, either. Why? Because it would make the LGBTQ community look bad. After all, we are to believe that everyone within the community are peaceful, stand-up citizens. They wouldn’t dare do anything illegal.

Last weekend, there was a public housing complex in South Boston where first responders had to show up. There were men in drag as well as several children under the age of 10 present. The conditions were those of squalor, but what really upset the first responders were present in their report. An apartment filled “with alcohol, drugs, sex toys.” Oh, and a dead man.

Apparently, adult parties have been thrown at this apartment on many occasions. And yet, it was in the most unsanitary conditions.

The housing complex is run by the city. And yet, it’s clear that no one from the city does any kind of routine checks. Otherwise, why would children be allowed to live in such conditions? And there’s no telling how long the dead body had been there.

The adults present when the first responders showed up kept denying that children were inside the apartment. And yet, they were visible, although being hidden by one of the men.

The dead body was due to “an apparent overdose.” As for the children, it’s still unclear as to who they belong to, though a “man wearing a wig” claimed to be the father of the four kids that were finally discovered in a back bedroom.

This should absolutely be front-page news considering that the city runs the apartment – and yet, there’s no telling how far Boston has gone to make sure that this doesn’t get out.

It’s out now. The question is, how many other apartments have hidden secrets going on like this one?