Bill Maher Basically Says F-Off to Liberal Media for Attacking RFK Jr

Randy Miramontez /
Randy Miramontez /

Joe Biden, for one reason or another, is the candidate that many in the Democratic Party keep pushing. Despite the fact that he’s old, possibly senile, incapable of playing it cool around kids, and is likely using his political position for financial gain for himself and his whole family, the Democrats love him.

He’s broken the economy, opened up the southern border, and allowed crime to run rampant, and yet the Democrats want him for another four years.

And since that’s what the Democrats want, the mainstream media will protect him. That also means attacking any candidate who may try to take Biden’s second term away from him.

Enter Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He’s the son of the late Senator Bobby Kennedy. He’s also an environmental lawyer and an author. He’s 10 years younger than Biden, well-educated, eloquently spoken, and has an in with Hollywood since he’s married to actress Cheryl Hines.

He could destroy Biden’s chances of staying in the Oval Office for another four years. The problem is that the liberal media can’t stop attacking him.

Bill Maher takes an issue with that because RFK Jr could actually be the means to an end when it comes to all of the liberal nonsense. The Kennedy family has a long history of being moderate Democrats. Perhaps you even remember hearing stories of the matriarch, Rose Kennedy, being spoken around the dinner table.

Biden knows he’s in trouble because he isn’t even willing to debate RFK, Jr – and that pisses Maher off.

In a recent episode of “Club Random Podcast,” Maher was on with Kennedy. He spoke about one of the articles that was written about RFK Jr in an unsavory light, published by none other than the New York Times, titled “Robert Kennedy Jr., With Musk, Pushes Right-Wing Ideas and Misinformation.”

Maher’s comment was, “Right away, I’m pissed off because ‘misinformation’? … How about you’re the newspaper, just tell me what he said and I’ll decide what’s misinformation. This arrogance of ‘We know what the misinformation is about science.'”

Of course, we agree with Maher 100 percent. The liberal news outlets seem insistent on telling us what we need to think rather than providing us with the facts and allowing us to deduce on our own.

The NYT article used words like “baseless theories” and “misinformation” to make it sound like Kennedy is some right-wing kook.

It’s clear that they’re scared of him. Since they can’t lift Biden up, they’ll tear Kennedy down.

“F*** them,” Maher said after reading a few lines from the NYT article.

Maher and Kennedy discussed who he could potentially debate in the primaries. The obvious answer is Biden, but there’s no way that Biden could possibly do that.

Meanwhile, there are countless polls that reveal that Democrats want to see an array of debates – and that includes over 70% of Biden supporters.

It’s unlikely that Biden will debate ANYONE, whether in the primaries or leading up to the general election. He isn’t good when he goes off-script. Hell, he’s not good when he’s on script, either.

Hopefully, we have more people like Maher who are ready to call MSM out on their liberal bias.

I don’t know if I’d vote RFK Jr in as president, but he’s sure as hell a better option than Biden. And watching Biden try to debate Kennedy would be a popcorn-worthy TV event, don’t you think?