Biden Thinks Giving Kids Narcan Solves Our Fentanyl Problem

Giovanni Cancemi /
Giovanni Cancemi /

President Biden and Education Department Secretary Miguel Cardona think they have the recipe for fixing the problem with Fentanyl and other drugs in the country. It’s not the failure that was the DARE program, or simply having options available for the kids. Rather it’s keeping Narcan on hand, and training teachers to administer it. Their letter in essence does little beyond playing the blame game.

“In the midst of this fentanyl overdose epidemic, it is important to focus on measures to prevent youth drug use and ensure that every school has naloxone and has prepared its students and faculty to use it. Studies show that naloxone access can reduce overdose death rates, that its availability does not lead to increases in youth drug use, and that it causes no harm if used on a person who is not overdosing on opioids.”

The letter continued, “It is important to note that individuals should not be afraid to administer naloxone, as most states have Good Samaritan Laws protecting bystanders who aid at the scene of an overdose. Our schools are on the frontlines of this epidemic, but our teachers and students can be equipped with tools to save lives.”

As sort of an ironic twist, Loudon County, Virginia had at least eight students overdose on fentanyl at school, with administrators being forced to administer Narcan to save them. What makes it ironic, is the fact that this same school staged a protest on November 1st. Done to keep students safe from the liberal stance of transexuals in girls’ sports and locker rooms, it’s a sign that there is a correlation between prevalent drug use and transgenderism.

Educators know they need to make the hard decisions. It’s time to bring prayer and the rod back to school. Letting kids do anything they want with no consequences, and without the guidance of our lord is leading them down a dark path. If we don’t step up to save them now, there is no hope for later.