Biden Regime to Restart Student Loan Payments Years After Everyone Stopped Caring about the Pandemic

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zimmytws /

Just as Joe Biden has the American economy teetering on the brink, he has some really good news for everyone. Student loan repayments are restarting in October!

Obviously, this is the worst possible financial decision that Biden could make right now. The middle class is being completely crushed by Biden’s plan to hyper-inflate the currency. Student loan borrowers will suddenly find themselves shelling out hundreds of additional dollars per month to service the worthless pieces of paper that they enslaved themselves to.

Not that Joe Biden deserves all the credit for restarting student loan payments. The idiot Republicans in Congress came up with this idea—because of course, they did. One of the very few concessions that Kevin McCarthy demanded from Joe Biden in the debt ceiling negotiation was to restart student loan payments and interest.

Right… Because a plan to take money out of Americans’ pockets and give to the banks, right as we’re in a crippling recession and with a presidential election year coming up, is exactly what the voters wanted. Great job, dummies! Way to hand the Democrats a winning issue that they can take to the voters. Now the Democrats will be able to say they wanted to keep loan payments paused, but those evil Republicans just had to have their way.

The Biden regime has now clarified that student loans will begin accruing interest again in September, with full payments restarting on October 1. This is how Republican “compromises” with the Democrats always turn out. The American taxpayers always lose.

Everyone has long since stopped caring about the pandemic, which was the pretext for suspending student loan payments in the first place. This will put another shock on the budgets of millions of Americans who are struggling to pay for groceries and utilities.