Biden is Slammed for New Railroad Project Placement

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Democratic President Joe Biden has always prided himself as a man of the people. Even as a senator, he often referred to himself as Lunchbox Joe or Railway Joe, insinuating that he was up there on Capital Hill working for the little guy, the average American worker.
But now, more than ever, it’s apparent he’s doing anything but working for America.

Take the words of longtime railroad mechanic Alex Lace, for example.

As a railroad guy, Lace has always been told to “Vote blue,” much like most union members are. After all, they’ve historically been the party that supports the little guy.

But after the last few months, Lace says thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of railroad workers won’t be voting blue come 2024.


Well, because Biden is ignoring them and their field. Sure, he just negotiated a deal that ended the possibility of a major railroad strike in December. But as Lace says, Biden basically just put some “dental floss” on the situation, hoping everything would hold together.

To be sure, it won’t.

As Lace explained to Fox News’s “Fox & Friends First” on Monday, the deal might have met a few requirements, but it also “stabs us in the back by turning down package that would have gave the railroad workers seven days of sick pay. Now, Joe Biden takes seven sick days a week.”

And this is on top of recent news, Biden is getting ready to fund a rather massive and technologically advanced railway in the Middle East, connecting it to India, while American railroads are literally decaying where they lie.

In a recent White House statement, Biden proposes sending billions of US taxpayer dollars to the Middle East to create a high-speed railway. Meanwhile, Lace admits that almost everything rail-related in the US is far outdated and falling apart at the seams.

“If you want to get into a time machine and see what technology was like 10 years ago, go to any railroad in the (US).” No, wonder we have so many train problems as of late.

He continued, “This is why people embrace America First,” Donald Trump’s campaign cry.

Come 2024, Lace expects that thousands who used to always vote blue will change things up, choosing instead to vote for a party that isn’t constantly funding other nations and leaving our workers lying in the dirt of yesterday.