Biden Hands Over $240K in Taxpayer Money for Kids To Have Cybersex

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For decades now, we have tried to prevent our children from having unfettered access to salacious material. This quest paved the way for the V-Chip and other parental controls on what kids watch, as well as the television ratings on programs to better help parents understand what their kids are being exposed to.

Now President Biden wants to throw that all away.

With one fell swoop, he has approved $240,000 in grant money to Seattle General Hospital to help fund a fully interactive sex education “tool” targeted at LGBTQ kids. Not currently on the market, the hospital will build a “fully functional online interactive sexual education tool.” With this, they claim they would be able to track the sexual activity and the sexual education of LGBTQ youth.

Of particular interest is the gathering of data on “partner communication,” “risky sexual behaviors,” and “social support.” This is of particular interest as these terms are not only broad and wide-reaching, but they also run the risk of exposing the inner workings of their minds and ways of being. This would deliver explicit information to researchers and could potentially create a whole profile of the individual, thus making them ripe for exploitation.

As it stands, LGBTQ-identifying youth are at the greatest risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, they have some of the highest unwanted pregnancy rates and the most reports of unwanted sexual contact. Exposing an already vulnerable group to this kind of information gathering could easily become incredibly dangerous.

The youth who grew up in the Wild West of AOL chat rooms are the ones raising these kids, and they should easily see that this is akin to giving them those days back. Only they now will have everyone knowing what they are doing. That only makes them look for new and better ways to hide. Youth from this group need love and Jesus, not sin and Juanita.