Another Automaker Going on Strike

David Kn /
David Kn /

Announced late on October 8th, Mack Truck workers went on strike as of 7 a.m. on October 9th after negotiations broke down. At the root of the negotiations between their leg of the United Auto Workers union and Mack’s parent company Volvo Trucks, are similar complaints to other parts of the UAW.

According to Marketwatch, the UAW members reached a deal back on October 1st, but it fell through, with 75% of employees voting against it. “The deal included a 19% pay raise over the life of the contract with 10% upon ratification. There also was a $3,500 ratification bonus, no increase in weekly health care contributions, increased annual lump sum payments for retirees, and a $1,000 annual 401(k) lump sum to offset health care costs for employees who don’t get health insurance after retirement.”

In a letter to Volvo Trucks, Union President Shawn Fain said workers would exit the factories on Monday morning after ensuring the equipment was shut down so as to not damage anything in the facility. He said they remain committed to finding a solution but still remain far apart. Especially on key issues like work schedules, health and safety, pensions, health care, prescription drug coverage, overtime, and other minor details.

This kind of strike will not only cause further destruction for automakers but also create trickle-down problems for the infrastructure of the US. As a nation, we need to say enough is enough. We need good American-made goods and proper services across the nation. To have the right kind of employers and companies operated by the American people, for the American people, it’s just right. It’s also long overdue, and with Biden in office, it’s not happening soon.