Animal Rights Nutjobs Condemn Vulnerable Ponies to Die

Elena Dijour /
Elena Dijour /

One of the most popular activities for families with children in Paris is taking the kids to local parks for pony rides. But now a group of animal rights wackos has convinced city hall to ban the pony rides, claiming it’s better for the animals’ welfare. What these nutjobs don’t seem to understand is that many of these ponies will now have to be killed because of their deep concern for them.

Pony rides have been available on the weekends and holidays in Champ de Mars, Parc Monceau, and Parc du Luxembourg for the past few decades. Parents and children in the city love the experience. Animal rights wackos complained that the ponies have to stand on their feet all day (Duh! They sleep standing up!).

After gathering 8,400 petition signatures, they successfully convinced the city hall in Paris to ban all pony rides for kids.

“Ponies are not toys,” said Paris Animaux Zoopolis (PAZ) activist Amandine Sansivens. “Children learn nothing about them from these walks, no emotional link is created. It just turns ponies into entertainment objects.”

That’s an absurd lie, obviously. Talk to any parent who has ever taken their child for a pony ride.

What animal rights activists, with their good intentions, never seem to realize is that it costs money to keep and maintain ponies. The stables and small farms that own the ponies bring them into Paris and then make a few bucks from taking children for rides. The money is used to continue feeding and raising the ponies.

Now that their source of income has been yanked out from under the owners, many of the ponies will end up being sent to the slaughterhouse, so they can be turned into dog food. Great job, animal activists! You just killed a bunch of the ponies you were trying to “save.”