An Inconvenient Truth: Nashville Transgender Shooter Targeted “White Privilege” Kids 

Sophon Nawit /
Sophon Nawit /

On March 27, 2023, a stunned nation grieved alongside the parents and families of the six victims of a horrific school shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Democrats were salivating at the chance to use the incident as another chance to skewer the Second Amendment, and President Joe Biden was quick to join the tired rhetoric. “We have to do more to stop gun violence,” he said, calling on Congress to enact stricter gun control. “It is ripping our communities apart and ripping at the very soul of this nation.” 

But as details slowly dribbled out about the shooter, their arguments turned to ashes. 

The shooter, Audrey Hale, was a transgender male and the poster child for mental illness. The media was quick to sour on discussing the ugly truth – transgenderism walks hand in hand with other severe mental health issues. It is not something progressives or the mainstream media wish to pursue. And so, attention was turned to former President Donald Trump’s ongoing politically manufactured legal woes. 

But recently, an unpleasant truth was leaked, again ignored by the media until it couldn’t be hidden any longer. It turns out that Hale was also the victim of liberals’ pet talking points like “white privilege.” In turn, her warped mind enacted revenge against those whom she saw as having “white privilege” by attending private school and sporting expensive backpacks. She railed against kids who were dropped off at school by parents driving “mustangs and convertibles.” 

So reads part of Hale’s manifesto in images of three pages of notes allegedly written by the shooter and leaked by American Canadian commentator and radio talk-show host Steven Crowder. Hale reportedly also created a detailed hourly schedule for the day of a tragic shootout, which she referred to as the “Death Day.” The schedule included details like when she got dressed and had breakfast to prepare for the attack. Additionally, she left behind numerous journals, a suicide note, and a memoir, as detailed in court filings. 

The leaked manifesto has not yet been verified. If it is true, it is a startling condemnation of Democrat talking points that have fueled anti-white incidents, including the 2020 summer of violence egged on by liberals’ perception of “white privilege” following the death of Freddie Gray.  

The focus of any Google search remains the myth that ‘white supremacy” is the leading cause of violence rather than any helpful information regarding the use of “white privilege” as an excuse to terrorize and murder white people. 

As such, the mainstream media and Democrats will fight to keep Hale’s true motives hidden and shrouded in mystery. 

After the release of these images by Crowder, Democratic Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell expressed deep concern for the safety, security, and well-being of the Covenant families and all residents of Nashville who are grieving. He went on to call for an investigation into how the images were leaked. A spokesperson for the agency acknowledged awareness of the images but could not confirm their authenticity. 

Tennessee House Republicans are advocating for the release of the writings, contending that it is crucial to comprehend the shooter’s motivations to prevent future violence. They point to evidence that Hale extensively planned for the shooting, including maps of the school with surveillance and entry points discovered by investigators. 

If the leaked images are, in fact, from Hale’s manifesto, her motives should concern everyone. Hale was white and a prior student at the school. Yet she repeatedly used tired Democrat talking points to justify her assault on the innocent children and staff at the school.  

She wrote that she wanted (profanity alert) tokill all you little cr*ckers and “f*****s with your white privileges” and “Kill those kids!!! Those cr*ckers … F**k you little s**ts. I wish to shoot you weak*ss d***s with your mop yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little crackers!! Bunch of little f*****s with your white privileges. F**k you f*****s.” 

So, what would drive a white person to commit such atrocities against her race? A Democratic party that thinks it’s somehow beneficial to push a message of self-loathing and division., telling an entire generation of young adults that being born white is the greatest sin of all. 

And this is the result. An already mentally disturbed person who soaked up liberal talking points and internalized them until she acted on them. Don’t expect widespread media coverage about the leaked manifesto. In a few days, the story will be buried, and the focus will again be on Trump. After all, the media is as complicit as the Democrat party in the murder of these innocents.