Acquitted AG’s First Order of Business? Destroying Illegal Alien Colony

karen roach /
karen roach /

If it were up to the political left, they wouldn’t need evidence to destroy their enemies. Thankfully, recently reinstated Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has plenty of evidence proving that wrongs are being done at the US southern border.

And he’s not afraid to use it.

It shouldn’t be any surprise, but men like Paxton are a bit of a problem for anyone involved in the political establishment. So it wasn’t a real shock that he was recently accused of doing favors for an Austin real estate developer, an old family friend.

But, as usual, those doing the accusing didn’t have much evidence to back their claims up. John Solomon, founder of Just the News, even admitted as much, saying that the whole thing ended up being little more than “accusations without evidence.”

And naturally, that didn’t hold any water. So Paxton was acquitted on all charges and reinstated as Texas’ leading court official.

If anything, the debacle just gave Paxton more fire and determination to do what it right.

Right now, that means ending this whole illegal immigration crisis once and for, starting with a growing illegal colony outside of Houston.

Aptly named “Colony Ridge,” The Daily Wire describes it as “a massive housing development north of Houston that’s become a hub for illegal immigrants thanks to financing methods that circumvent any need for proof-of-citizenship documents.”

As Paxton explained in a recent interview with radio host Michael Berry, the colony is clearly a problem and only encouraging illegals to 1) make the arduous trip to America and 2) disobey our laws.

Unfortunately, due to the complications of it all, Paxton doesn’t exactly see a straight path to get this and other colonies shut down yet. But he’s not giving up.

He’s even willing to get “the legislature” involved. He admits he might have to anyway due to the limited power of his office on such matters.

The point is, though, he’s not wasting any time in sussing out a solution and protecting the Constitution. Thank God for men like Paxton.