5 Indications Biden Isn’t Really Running for President Again

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com

They say Joe Biden is running for the White House again, to be reelected in 2024. Hell, even Biden himself says it. But is he?

At least one former congressman has multiple reasons to believe he’s not.

Introducing former Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz from Utah. According to an Op-Ed he wrote for Fox News, several signs and rather clear ones to him signify that Biden won’t actually be running for office in 2024.

The first is a pretty complete lack of campaign staff.

In fact, as Chaffetz noted, “As of last quarter, he had just four people on the payroll, all working out of the party offices” in Delaware. This means that rather than working with Biden at the White House daily to begin putting out ads, speaking to the press, etc., they are whole states away.

Besides, as you might have noticed, by now, there are only about five months away from the first primary votes, and still, no full-scale campaign has been launched.

Oh, sure, he’s traveled some. But that leads us to the second reason. Very little of the travel he’s done more recently has had to do with his campaign, and even less still would implant a more positive impression on the American people.

For instance, as Chaffetz points out, he recently traveled to Utah, which, if you didn’t already know, is deep red and has been for years. This means that he pretty much wasted a trip, as it’s unlikely that he will convince very few in the state to even vote Democratic, let alone for himself.

He would have faired far better if he had gone to the nearby and much more purply states of Nevada or Colorado.

Biden did go to Arizona, which is definitely a battleground state and one in which he will need to win the presidency again. But as usual, his performance and penchant for gaffes in the state were likely to only alienate voters more.

The issue, or should I say non-issue, of Vice President Kamala Harris comes next.

As you likely know, when an incumbent president is seeking reelection, usually one of his strongest allies and campaign tools is his second in command. Yet Harris hasn’t done anything to help the Biden/Harris campaign.

This is especially odd since it is assumed that, given Biden’s age and apparently growing health issues, she will take his place sooner rather than later.

Then again, she’s not done much of anything for the whole of Biden’s first term.

Sure, she was given a few tasks right off the bat, but it became abundantly clear within no time that she was doing little to nothing on those fronts. Take the immigration/human trafficking crises, for instance. She is nowhere closer to solving those than when she was first given the task.

And now, she’s supposedly been given AI. As Chaffetz says of her, “We are not yet sure if she can spell ‘AI’ or lead the critical thinking to put necessary guard rails on this emerging technology.”

Another dent in Biden’s reelection efforts is his handling of the recent Maui fires in Hawaii. Like any natural disaster or catastrophe, Chaffetz notes that this should have been the perfect “opportunity for a president to flex his political muscle.”

Yet, all Biden could say at first was “no comment.” I’m sorry, WHAT? He literally had no comment or comfort to even fake for those hurting and surviving in the island state.

Then, of course, there is the whole Hunter Biden scandal that seems to never end.

With each passing day, more evidence turns up of Hunter’s guilt and, with it, his father’s possible involvement. But rather than confronting the issues head-on, the older Biden is pretty much hiding.

As Chaffetz summarized, Joe Biden isn’t “sharing his vision for the future” like all other candidates have been for a while now. Instead, “He is hiding – hiding from the press, hiding from the scandals, and hiding from his own incompetence as a commander in chief.”

And that is precisely why he says, “By the end of this calendar year,” he doesn’t expect Biden to be in the running any longer.