19 State AGs Join to Help Trump

AF Branco / creators.com
AF Branco / creators.com

As you likely know by now, former President Donald Trump has been issued a gag order. But as 19 state attorneys general claim, it’s more than a personal banning of his First Amendment rights. It’s actually a ban on your First Amendment rights and the right to make your own political decisions regarding the upcoming 2024 election.

As I am sure you know, Trump is under siege by the political left on numerous fronts. Both Georgia and New York state levels are claiming that he’s a criminal, in Georgia for questioning the election there in 2020, and in New York for supposedly overvaluing his assets.

Of course, Trump is also being tried in Washington, DC, for his supposed part in the January 6, 2021 Capital incursion.

And it is that case in which the gag order in question is being questioned.

According to DC Judge Tanya Chutkan and prosecutors, the idea of Trump talking about the case, the people involved, or his supposed crimes could jeopardize the case. In Chutkan’s exact words, it could endanger the “fair administration justice,” according to ABC News.

Now, to some degree, she is correct. That’s why there are rules involved with such cases and why lawyers, law enforcement personnel, etc., can’t talk about ongoing cases.

However, this gag order presumes to ban Trump from even mentioning the case, the hundreds of people involved, or the fact that he claims to be innocent of supposedly inciting violence.

Plus, as the attorneys general points out, as a major political player, this means the American people can’t hear his side on the matter.

This claim was made via a friend of the court brief, which was filed Tuesday. Iowa AG Brenna Bird led it, being joined by West Virginia’s Patrick Morrissey and 17 other state AGs.

“As administrators of free and fair elections, we have an interest in ensuring no illegal prior restraint is entered against any major political candidate. Indeed, our citizens have an interest in hearing from major political candidates in that election. The Order threatens the States’ interest by infringing on President Trump’s free speech right.”

The order has been paused thanks to an appeals court ruling on November 4. But that’s dependent on a full hearing on the matter set for November 20, the Daily Caller reported.

Now, as you can likely guess, all the AGs who signed the brief are Republicans. But as Morrissey points out, the matter is far from a partisan one. He cites the American Civil Liberties Union as proof of this.

If you know much about the ACLU, it is an organization aimed at defending constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. However, it made a decidedly leftward turn some decades ago and, therefore, is known to fight for all sorts of so-called injustices and freedoms that don’t hold merit.

And yet, when it comes to this Trump gag order, even the ACLU’s political bias can’t cloud the fact that the order is more of a political attack than anything else.

As Morrissey noted, the ACLU said of the order that it is “insufficiently justified since it has not shown a serious threat that the speech it prohibits will threaten the administration of justice.”

And when even “an organization on the opposite side of the GOP’s political spectrum” has sided with Trump and his supporters, it’s saying something.

It’s saying that not only is the gag order unwarranted, but that it’s nothing more than yet another attempt to silence the biggest if only, real threat to the partisan regime of the Biden White House at present.

Morrissey said, “The judge’s approach for the gag order ignores the fact that the government’s case is political to the core – it’s obvious the other side is stopping at nothing to silence Biden’s political opponent.”

Of course, we’ve all known this from the start. We also know that just like all their previous attempts at silencing Trump and what he stands for, it won’t work.

The people have spoken, and we, just like Trump, have a right to be heard.