17 Chinese Nationals are Arrested Entering the US Illegally

andriano.cz / shutterstock.com
andriano.cz / shutterstock.com

As you know, border security and immigration are pretty much a joke right now, thanks to Joe Biden and his fellow lefties. But now, we even have Chinese nationals coming into Florida.

Now, to be certain, Chinese immigrants are nothing new to the US. However, over the past couple of years, those numbers have skyrocketed.

But one more important fact to note is that they aren’t just coming from our Southern border with Mexico as usual.

As Representative Carlos A. Gimenez, who represents the Florida Keys, 17 Chinese nationals were arrested and detained coming into Key Largo recently.

As Gimenez says, this is extremely concerning.

He noted in a statement made on Sunday that his region of South Florida has been seeing more and more Communist China influence of late. As we know, the Chinese are involved in several things in Cuba, and their influence, including infrastructure work, is increasing in the Bahamas. And now, Key Largo just arrested 17 Chinese nationals.

As Gimenez says, it’s all “very concerning.”

“Why were they trying to sneak into the country? What was their purpose? Again, I think it’s the first time that we’ve actually apprehended Chinese Nationals in our part of the country.”

As such, he has asked Customs and Border Patrol for any information they can find on these individuals and the potential risk they pose to the US.

of course, South Florida is not the only area of concern. According to a number of concerned GOP senators, nearly 18,000 Chinese immigrants have been caught entering the US, up ten times the number we saw last year.

And no, these are not families looking for a new start. Records show that 94.8 percent are single adults. The senators also indicated that not a single one had been thoroughly vetted or detained for any length of time. They were simply caught and released, as were all other possible threats.

Again, it begs the question, why? What are they doing here, and for what purpose?

At this point, we can only hope and pray, for all our sakes, that purpose isn’t devious.